How to reach a larger audience

How to reach a larger audience

Sometimes your open percentage might drop off or be lower than expected. To ensure your users are receiving emails there are a few things you must remember to do when creating an email campaign.

  1. Always add a plain text alternative version, for those who do not recieve HTML emails. This makes sure everyone no matter what gets the message/ promotion you wish to advertise. 

  2. Make sure your email content has at least 4 paragraphs, write out offers in full, provided all the necessary details to attend or book, without them needing ot go to your website. If your email is too short, it maybe mistaken as spam.

  3. All images should have alt tags/ alternative text explaining what the image is.

  4. Click here, is not very clear, call to actions should explain why the user is clicking on this link. A goos call to action is "book (room name) now" or "Get in touch", "reserve a place".

  5. Subject lines to emails should be short and interesting. Look at competition to see what they have put, or at which emails you have opened and why. Popular subjects are "New for 2017, take a look at..", "our latest offers" or you could summerise each point in your email campaign similar to Groupon does "Offer one | event this month | etc..".

  6. Keep links to a minimal, if there are too many links, people might click a few and miss the rest. 

  7. Make sure you only send emails to those interested in that topic.

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