How to Add Links in CybaMaila

How to Add Links in CybaMaila

The yellow arrow will show you where to click.

TIP: If are adding a link to an image and you do not know how to add an image, have a look at that documentation first!


First select the text you would like to add a link to, then with this selected click on the link button in the toolbar.

select text

Add your URL of where you would like the link to go to. 

TIP: Have the location you want to send users to open in a new tab, then you can copy and paste the URL. For phone bumbers and email addresses make sure to change where it says 'Protocol' from 'http://' to 'other'. Then in the 'URL' area for phone numbers add "tel:03332224454" (don't forget to change the number!) or for emails "" (don't forget to change the email!).

add URL

To add a link to an image, first select (click on) the image. Then you can either use the above instructions or click on the image button in the toolbar. Under here where you added your image is options to add a link.

add image link

To change the link colour. Go to the 'Advanced' tab, under here is a field with the title of 'Style'. This is where we can control what it looks like.

For colour (Use American spelling color), you will need to Google the hex code for the colour you want, the obvious ones are:




TIP: To remove the underline you will need "text-decoration:none;", make sure to add a semi-colon after your code for color.

change link colour


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