How to Add Images in CybaMaila

How to Add Images in CybaMaila

The yellow arrow will show you where to click!


Select (click) the image, then click on the icon below the yellow arrow.

 select image icon

The path for this image is 

It might be helpful to look at the location of another image to know which folder to look in. Then click browse server button.

browse server

ind the file in the folders on the left hand side.

Double click on an image to select it. Once back at the other screen click ok to insert into page.

TIP: The preview you can see to right is not how it will look in the layout, this is just for you to check you have selected the right image. It will also let you know if your image is too big, for example if you can only see a small part fo the image.

 find folder and file

Looking at the height and width on the left hand side, next to them is a keylock, make sure this is locked to set the height and width proportionally. 

If your image is too big, change the width to a smaller size.

TIP: If you are unsure what size to use, click OK. Click on another image, then the image icon in the toolbar and see what size this image is. Then click OK to go out of this pop up window. 

Select the image you just added, click the image icon in the toolbar. Then set the width to the same as the other images.

 setting width

Add an alternative text to your image, so if it does not display people can read a description of what the image should have been.

 adding alt text

If you are happy click OK, or to not save the changes click CANCEL.

save or cancel

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